Awareness about crisis communication is still at a nascent stage in India. In many cases, the communication team and company spokespersons are caught unprepared when a major crisis hits the organisation. This sometimes leads to unintended errors by the team, which causes the crisis to flare up, resulting in major reputational damage and loss of business. In football analogy, we call it a ‘self-goal’.

Our crisis experts have experience in handling wide ranging issues and assisting large institutions and corporates to communicate effectively in difficult situations. Apart from this, we offer a comprehensive crisis communication and preparedness program as a part of our reputation management offerings.

Demystifying crisis communications – Crisis media training for corporate spokespersons:

An in-depth crisis communication module to media-train an organisation’s main spokespersons on the various aspects and prepare them for handling sensitive communication in delicate scenarios. A comprehensive IPR for the entire crisis media training module has been filed.

One of our innovative crisis communication modules ‘Veritas Reputation Internal Shield’™ has received copyright and trademark registration we will be launching it soon.

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